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Every pre-teen party is filled with high-calorie, waist-ballooning snacks, loud music, endless movies and, of course, truth or dare. No party is complete without a round of this forever-loved game, because nothing is better than getting down into the dirty details and embarrassing all your friends. While truth or dare has been around for ages, the questions have not really changed. Everyone is going to hear the classic “Who is your crush?” and “What is your most embarrassing moment?” Creativity may be lacking in the truths these days, but that never stopped someone from suggesting a game.

Imagine: The ice breaker is in play; your friend picks truth; there has to be something a little more unique than “Who is the sexiest boy in school?” but you are drawing a blank.

Do not let this happen to you. In order to be a true truth or dare player, questions have to be unique, unexpected and get your friends stumped. It is easy to take the dirty route, get everyone’s mind in the gutter, but they will be expecting that. Instead, ask the questions that no one else thinks of and watch them squirm.

What is the Worst Thing About Being Your Gender?

When it comes to truth or dare, getting in the gutter is bound to happen. We are teenagers after all. But this one can go both ways. For example, Margaret hates having to sit down to pee, David wishes he could listen to Justin Bieber and Samantha would just like to walk around shirtless without people staring. Who knew? It could also bring out some dirty secrets into hated drama or a desire to break out of the meat head department. Possibilities are endless.

Who is a Movie Villain You Find Attractive?

Everyone loves a little Heath Ledger, so why not admit you have had a crush on The Joker since the movie came out? Rest in peace Heath, face paint and all. In all honesty though, superheros get all of the action but have we ever thought about the villains? They need love too, after all. You will quickly find that when your fellow players really think about it, the villains have a certain “crushable” appeal.

Strangest Food You Have Ever Enjoyed?

Everyone has at least one, and where would a party be without a few stomach-wrenching snacks? This truth can lead the way to some pretty gruesome dares, like Becky has to eat the pickled pigs feet that Joey loved so much. Too much information? Well, that is what truth or dare is. So try not to cringe when your best friend tells you she likes mustard on her Oreos and it turns out your crush might have breath tinged with candied beets.

What Animal Resembles Each Truth or Dare Player?

This one might ruffle some feathers, especially since Gwen always kind of looked like an owl. It is truth or dare, so honesty is the best policy. Some people might take the nice route and say everyone looks like a painted pony, but maybe this is the day that Justin will finally learn that his hair makes him look like a lop-sided porcupine.

What is the Craziest Thing You Have Done While Alone?

Possible gutter question alert, but then again, would that really be so crazy? Maybe other than what we all do under the sheets, you will find out that Jamie has full out conversations with her pet goldfish or George likes to practice kissing in the mirror. Bypassing the gutter risk, this question could hold some highly entertaining answers.

How Did You Find Out About the Birds and the Bees?

Now, this one is sweet. After all, Mary learned it all with a G-rated book and a nice conversation with her mother. But wait, Carlos walked in on his older brother and an unknown individual sprawled out on his parent’s bed and thought he was killing someone. Awkward.

What Item Would you Never Give Up for Money?

It is really eye opening when you find out what your friends cherish the most. Who knew that Chuck would never give up that ratty stuffed rabbit in his room that everyone thought was a window cleaning rag? Maybe your crush will even fall for your sweet and sensitive soul after you admit your love for your dead dog’s ashes…or maybe keep that one to yourself.

What is One Strange Animal You Think is Adorable?

There are always the obvious, heart-melting creatures that walk the earth, like chihuahuas. Who does not love a teacup-sized chihuahua? But then there are the animals that get no love, those poor naked mole rats and pot bellied pigs that never had a chance. Once the truth comes out, however, you might find that there is a lot more love for them than you anticipated.

Have You Ever Had a Sexy Dream About a Family Member?

OK, we have to toss in one good gutter question, keep the tradition alive. Everyone expects the “Who do you fantasize about in bed?” question, but once they have to admit they made out with their cousin in their sleep, answers get a lot more entertaining. This one can offer plenty of blackmail material. Especially when relations and genders turn out to be the same. You will have them in the palm of your hand.

What is the Best and the Worst Thing About Everyone in the Room?

The truth comes out. We might as well create a new bonding experience for everyone. We are all friends right? Well, for now anyway. This one could bring out some funny stories, like how Blake picks his nose too much. But then again, friendships could be broken when Courtney finds out her best friend hates the way she flirts with anything that walks. But do not worry. Those “best things” will be the frosting that saves relationships.

Truth or dare is a long withstanding tradition for kids and teens alike. Where would the world be without kids sticking their nose into everyone’s business and then daring them to streak down the street? The world is a beautiful place. Keep it going and ask the good questions, but watch out for the dare that follows.