Who was Jackie Kennedy?


Jackie Kennedy (1929-1994) was the wife of President John F. Kennedy, and is remembered as a stylish and sophisticated First Lady. She was an icon of American culture and style during the 1960s, and her influence on fashion and style continues to be felt today. Jackie was also an advocate for the arts, and an active supporter of the Civil Rights Movement. After the tragic assassination of her husband in 1963, Jackie became an icon of strength and resilience, and a symbol of hope and perseverance.

Early Life

Jackie was born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in 1929 in Southampton, New York. She was the daughter of John Vernou Bouvier III, a stockbroker, and Janet Lee Bouvier, a socialite. From an early age, Jackie showed a love of writing, reading, and art. She attended the exclusive Chapin School in New York City and later attended Vassar College and George Washington University.

Marriage to John F. Kennedy

In 1953, Jackie married John F. Kennedy. The couple had four children together: Caroline, John Jr., Arabella, and Patrick. During her husband’s presidential term, Jackie was a popular first lady and a powerful advocate for the arts and culture. She worked with the Peace Corps, National Cultural Center (now the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts), and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Her Husbands Affairs

Jackie was aware of her husband’s numerous affairs and reportedly felt betrayed by his behavior. Despite this, she famously stood by him during his presidential campaign, and was a powerful advocate for him during his time in office.

Her relationship to Marilyn Monroe

Jackie had a complicated relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Monroe famously sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK at a celebration in Madison Square Garden. Jackie was reportedly jealous of the attention her husband was paying to Monroe and was uncomfortable with her presence at the White House.

How many children did she have?

Jackie had four children with John F. Kennedy: Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Arabella Kennedy, and Patrick Kennedy.

What happened to her children?

Caroline Kennedy is a lawyer, diplomat, and author. John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999. Arabella Kennedy died shortly after birth in 1956. Patrick Kennedy died of respiratory illness in 1963.

Her later marriage

In 1968, Jackie married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. The couple had no children and were divorced in 1978.

Where is she buried?

Jackie Kennedy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, near her husband, President John F. Kennedy.


Jackie Kennedy is remembered as a style icon, an advocate for the arts, and a powerful symbol of hope and resilience. Her influence continues to be felt today, and she is remembered as one of the most iconic first ladies in American history.